Sozo Medical Rescue  04 Avalon place Market Street  Montagu                 

                  For Quick Medical Response T: 023 614 2628 or C: 076 401 7066 emergency: 086 7227 920           


Sozo Medical Rescue Service’s Basic Life Support (BLS) is for patients who require medical transportation and continuous medical supervision/monitoring. Emergency medical technicians (EMTs), who are trained to make treatment decisions, staff every Sozo BLS ambulance. Common BLS transport situations include:

  • Medical and surgical patients not requiring cardiac monitoring
  • Discharge to home and/or sub-acute care facilities (i.e. nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities)
  • Psychiatric patients

Each ambulance carries Basic Life Support (BLS) medical supplies, including glucometers, pulse oximetry, splints, bandages, oxygen tanks and masks, and spinal immobilization equipment.