Sozo Medical Rescue  04 Avalon place Market Street  Montagu                 

                  For Quick Medical Response T: 023 614 2628 or C: 076 401 7066 emergency: 086 7227 920           

About us

We started with a simple idea: to start a business that has a positive impact on the lives of others in our area.

Sozo Medical Rescue Ambulance was founded in 2010 in Montagu. We started with a Medical  Response Service. Sozo was sponsored by the late Mr. Yam with an transporter.We has been registered with the Department of Health in 2013 as an Intermediate Life Support Ambulance service. We also has been registered with BHF and also do transport patients with medical aids. Sozo Medical Rescue also do first-aid level 1,2 & 3 training, registered at Hwseta and Department of Labor. We provide ambulance transportation services for the greater Breedriver Winelands area and is available 24 hrs. 

Our success comes from the fact that we love what we do and our patients is our priority. Sozo Medical Rescue provides, Basic Life Support (BLS) and Intermediate Life Support (ILS) medical transport services to towns, hospitals, medical treatment clinics, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes. We are licensed to transport throughout South Africa.


Excellence, innovation and collaboration in prehospital healthcare.


To provide accessible high quality prehospital health care services to the people and organizations we serve in the Breederiver Winelands Region.

Our Values

Excellence in knowledge and service. People and diversity, Dignity and privacy, Ethical behavior and integrity. Compassion. Innovation. Staff development and team work. Inclusiveness and collaboration.